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New gay friendly bar in Tbilisi

Attention! This venue is temporarily closed.

Atlantis Gay Bar Tbilisi

It is a small, but very gay friendly night bar, where you can eat, drink and dance all night or spin on a pole and have fun with your friends. Special theme nights, Karaoke and striptease on special occasions.

Club is centrally situated on Melikishvilis  street (Rustaveli), right across Tbilisi Concert Hall and it is open from mid-day till late on weekends (Fr. Sat. Sun – till Weekdays till midnight or later.

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Grammy 2014 – Mass LGBT Wedding


Queen Latifah  officiated the weddings of 33 gay and straight couples as part of the Grammy Awards last night.  The ceremony was  part of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s performance, along with Mary Lambert and Madonna, of their Grammy-nominated marriage equality anthem “Same Love.”

The idea for the weddings originated last fall when Mr. Ehrlich sat down with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis over a fried-chicken lunch to brainstorm ideas for a possible performance. Knowing that their concerts have occasionally featured onstage marriage proposals, Mr. Ehrlich suggested taking it a step further with a full wedding.

Watch Full performance and the ceremony at the Grammy Awards 2014  (video)

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Putin will moarn



For the last five Olympics, the U.S. delegation to the opening ceremonies has included either the President, Vice-President, or First Lady. Not this time, Russia. You get the President’s assistant, and a few openly gay former athletes.

With U.S.-Russia relations at a low point, this is no accident. The delegations, announced today, won’t even include a cabinet secretary: The group for the opening ceremony will be led by former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. That will make Rob Nabors, the assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff for policy, the highest-ranking federal official to attend the lighting of the Olympic cauldron.

Among other former athletes, Billie Jean King and Brian Boitano will attend the opening ceremonies, while speed skaters Bonnie Blair and Eric Heiden, and hockey player Caitlin Cahow will be at the closing ceremonies. Both King and Cahow are openly gay.




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Straight male celebs kiss to fight gay hate in Russia

Germany GQ has launched the ‘Gentleman against Homophobia’ campaign, aiming to spread love and stamp out intolerance across Europe and the world

Straight male celebs have kissed in order to fight homophobia in Russia, Germany and around the world.

In the brand new German campaign, titled #Mundpropaganda (a pun on ‘word of mouth’ and ‘kissing propaganda’), the hunks are hoping to stamp out intolerance and discrimination.

Lifestyle monthly GQ, generally known for advertising fast cars and hot women to its readers, launched the Gentlemen Against Homophobia campaign.

13 celebrities puckered up for the pics. While relatively unknown outside of the country, they included actor August Diehl, the band Revolverheld and singer Herbert Grönemeyet.

Six incredible photos were produced, aiming to be published all over Germany on buses, posters and billboards.

‘The intolerance that homosexuals are still fighting against is shocking,’ Editor-in-Chief José Redondo-Vega said.

‘With #Mundpropaganda we wanted to give a clear sign in favor of a free society.’

He added to The Local male celebs kissing each other showed ‘admirable courage’.

Some people who GQ approached to take part in the campaign said no, proving Germany has a ‘long way to go’.

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Inga Grigolia condemned homophobia


Georgian journalists’ protested Russian occupation in Dvani yesterday. After the protest the media representatives spoke to the locals of the village about the situation in Dvani. Locals ask for the government’s intervention. They say their situation is critical as there is not appropriate attention from the government.

Inga Grigolia (Famous Journalist) was very harsh and criticized not only the government, but  also those thousands of “national heroes” who took part in the clash against peaceful LGBT demonstration in 17th of may, when thousands of pro-orthodox citizens gathered in central Tbilisi to rage against few LGBT demonstrators.

She said: ” Where are those strong muscled heroes now, who where chasing a small group of defenseless LGBT people? “

It seems like Georgians see more threat in a harmless LGBT demonstrations, than loosing its territories inch by inch to Russia. Georgian orthodox church also agrees to that view. In a country with a majority of orthodox believers “Whatever church wants, church gets”.  and at the moment, territorial integrity is the lowest of priorities!

Existing law may be altered limiting the rights for the freedom of movement for Georgian Nationals. Having a valid VISA to a destination country won’t help if Georgian Border Control Officer decides that your departure might be a threat to National Security. They even reserve the right not to inform the traveler about the exact reasons of their detention and interference with their travel plans. This might also turn into a new source of bribery, while some of the passenger will be willing to pay to go on with their travel plans. Such practices are already present in democratically lesser developed former USSR countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Opposition parties (like National Movement) find this change very resembling to Soviet regime.  This might endanger Georgia’s democratic values and put it in a list of countries with totalitarian regime. With accumulated criticism of current government of being too much pro-Russian, this initiative also adds more fuel to later stated accusation. Ruling party (Georgian Dream) explains that there’s nothing new in this change and it is withing the compliance of current constitution. There may be some vague texts in it and we believe this unclear passages might have fueled the reaction from opposition parties.

Let us remind you, that according to  current law, the only reason a person maybe denied the right to cross the country border is when a traveler is a criminal offender, in search by police or does not have valid travel documents.  IN ALL OTHER CASES EVERY PERSON HAS A RIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! 

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Turism in Georgia (RUS)

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Batumi on Polish Television

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Fanciest McDonald’s in the world – Batumi, Georgia.

Mc Donalds Batumi

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